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We bring Investment and Enablement for fast-growing companies

From early-stage ideation to market sensitization and growth, we integrate Digital technology, Capital and Relationships into all stages and areas of your business. Fundamentally helping you discover, realign and change how you operate and deliver value to customers.

With right insights — and the right strategy to act on them — ventures can capture growth opportunities and solve pressing business problems. Our Team for Customer Insight leverages a combination of customer behavior knowledge, deep databases of insights, extensive partnerships with market-leading digital innovators, and our unique methodology for turning insights into actionable imperatives to bring value to you.


In the early stages, a founder should focus on the product. To prevent the founding teams from getting distracted, we take care of everything else – corporate governance, organizational structure, financial management, and sales & marketing.


We study what people and companies lack in order to locate industry growth areas and help create sustainable business models for them. Our methodologies and techniques for developing concepts are among the most advanced in the industry.


Piloting with major industry players is an essential way for B2B startups to prove its product-market fit.

Our Approach

We focus on getting to know you and the team, typically during a 30-60-90 day period. We’ll work closely with you to understand what value we can bring, and to align expectations from both sides.

01 Introduction, Fitment

People matter and team dynamics are important to us. Every individual and team is unique and have their own strengths and perspectives, which is why our introductions are preferably done in person, where we can get to know one another.

Throughout our interactions we look for fit and common values. We cherish people with strong convictions, with the background and experience to back them up.

We do not take a transactional approach, but see this as the beginning of a long-term professional relationship based on integrity and transparency and yes, working together also needs to be fun!

02 Expert Connect, Validation

We think of all initiatives, transformations and innovations in terms of assets. What assets do you have, what do you need and which can we leverage? Assets can include systems, licenses, processes, infrastructure and people; anything of value that can be leveraged to meet challenges and create new areas of opportunity and help you do better.

We bring our Advisor and Investor network into play, that can bring strategic and operational value, even before we Invest in your company. This is way for you, to assess our value add and expertise before making the big decision of bringing us on board.

Our Sandbox

Our Sandbox enables your focus, accelerate and simplify growth bringing you Capital, Technology and Curated Workforce ecosystem in a box. At heart of our approach is to bring Entrepreneurs to an open collaborative curated ecosystem mesh.. It’s flexible. And it’s easily scalable


Who should talk to us


For Entrepreneurs

90% of Entrepreneurs fail within the first 5 Years of inception, and the rest don’t fully tap into their potential. Our goal is a springboard to success for Entrepreneurs.

To make this a certainty we work in various models including Advisory, Co development, Investor and Joint Venture.

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For Investors

Investing in disruptive diversified venture builder model has proved a rewarding asset class and an excellent returns generator.

Get in early for less to achieve low cost for high ownership.

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For corporates

While most businesses understand innovation is essential for future growth, as many as 54% of Corporates have difficulty aligning their innovation strategy with current practices.

Quite often, corporations simply don't have the time to dedicate to researching and experimenting with innovation.

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For startup ecosystem

Today’s consumers want connected, end-to-end experiences that meet their needs when and where they want. They are obsessed with flexibility, optionality, and variety.

They are also commitment-phobic and want to try before buying. This dynamic has significant implications in the startup ecosystem

Startup Ecosystem
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