According to Bain & Company, 7 of the 10 largest companies in the world are powered by platforms, which host interactions and transactions among corporate or personal users. The same cannot (yet) be said for the Healthcare industry, where point-to-point, manual interactions among disparate entities remain common

Our goals & objectives


Transforming episodic care delivery to an care experience model


Facilitate bundled care options that follow an individual through time, adapting to their changing needs


Support a value-based care model to pivot consumerism, interoperability, and virtualization of care


Assure discovery and meaningful data stitching to get a more complete view of the patients across the Continuum of Care

Healthcare Themes

Continuum of Care Continuum of Care

Transition from a fragmented, highly variable system to one that focuses on the patient journey through the entire care continuum.

Value Based Care Value Based Care

Tie in payments for care delivery to the quality of care provided in an evidence-based way

Integrated & intelligent Care Integrated & intelligent Care

Enabling Healthcare Providers increasing adoption of Data -Led Transformation towards integrated and intelligent care

Retailization of Care Retailization of Care

Retailization of care offers more care locations (split into urgent care, wellness clinics & transfusion centers). This leads to personalized guidance and long-term interaction strategies

Patient Engagement Patient Engagement

Unified Patient Care Experience across the Care Continuum, automating Patient enrolment, Outreach, Health & Wellness, Education & Awareness

Diagnostics and Monitoring Diagnostics and Monitoring

Data-driven treatment management guided by Real-time vitals monitoring & Tracking and Diagnostic decision support analytics

Integrated Virtual Health Integrated Virtual Health

Integrated virtual health applications offering care on-demand. This includes Telehealth, Digital Therapeutics and Care Navigation

Integration & EHR vendors Integration & EHR vendors

Secure Integration across the Care Continuum

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